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Robert Temple Booksellers were established in 1976, in London, as a mail-order business specialising in English and American  Literary First Editions (including later printings with revisions or additions).

This archive contains almost 18,000 records of titles in the above fields that have passed through our hands: mainly since 1984, but with the addition of a few earlier entries of especial interest. Books currently in stock are not included, and it is therefore necessary to supplement your search by looking at our Current Catalogues.

The arrangement adopted in this archive is the same as that for our current catalogues: books are grouped first by category (broken down by century and genre), and then, for ease of downloading, are indexed alphabetically within these categories. Since many authors produce works that fall within more than one category (poetry and fiction, for instance, or science fiction and detective fiction) it is often necessary to consult more than one subject index to locate all the work of an author that we have listed.

We are experimenting with a keyword search facility. This is only available if you have a javascript enabled browser, and, depending on the speed of your connection, may work rather slowly. (It takes up to twelve minutes to load with a 56k modem).

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